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Welcome to St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. This website is designed to give you an insight into our school family, our values, our aims and our achievements. I hope that the information contained within these pages is useful, but it is no replacement for first hand experience. Therefore, you are warmly encouraged to visit our school and see us in action.

St. Joseph’s School is a Voluntary Aided school and as such our primary role is to serve the Catholic community of St. Joseph’s Parish. We offer part time Nursery education in addition to the full primary age range. It is a privilege to see our children grow and mature during their time with us.

Our school life is based on Christian Values. We recognise and respond to the needs of each child. We respond to their academic needs and also the development of the whole child as an individual. We develop happy, fulfilled, well-educated and confident children in a caring, disciplined environment with our Faith as the focus of our actions. We expect, and encourage excellence in the range of activities the school undertakes.

Education is a partnership between home, school and parish in which we seek and encourage the participation of parents in the learning process and in the life of our school. Parents are welcome partners in the education of their child and in the development of our school family.

Mission Statement

Our School is a family of faith, hope, love, fun and learning for all.

At St Joseph’s we grow together through:

·       Loving God and sharing our Catholic faith by talking about him

·       Prayer and celebration

·       Working hard and doing our best

·       Including and encouraging everyone

·       Showing respect for each other and ourselves

·       Being ready to forgive and be forgiven

·       Our enthusiasm, our thoughtfulness and understanding

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”


Vision Statement

St Joseph’s will not be a school that stands still; it will be a school which looks for new paths to set; a forward thinking and innovative school. (School Development Plan 2015 – 2018)


Consultation on School Admissions Policy 2020-2021  

     The Governing Body proposes the following changes to their Admissions Policy 2020-2021:

  1. For the school year commencing September 2020, the Governing Body has reduced its admissions number from 60 to 45.  The admissions number was increased for September 2018 due to a planned expansion bid.  The bid was unsuccessful and the school capacity has not been increased thereby making a PAN of 60 unsustainable.
  2. Provision will be applied within each of the admissions criteria such that attendance of a sibling at the school at the time of enrolment will increase the priority of an application within each category so that the application will be placed at the top of the category in which the application is made after children in admission criteria 1.
  3. Should an application for admission be turned down by the Governing Body due to oversubscription, parents can request for their child to be placed on a waiting list.  If places become available but there are more applicants on the waiting list, then the published oversubscription criteria will be applied. 

If you wish to comment on the proposed changes please complete the feedback form and return it to school by 16th November 2018.  Thank you




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