As our Mission Statement says, our school is a family of faith, hope, love, fun and learning for all.

We want to develop life-long learners, children and adults who strive to achieve their very best and built strong relationships

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs or our children. It encourages active learning and takes on board their existing skills and knowledge and challenges them to make the next steps. By building the curriculum around different contexts for learning, the children are engaged in real situations, often supported by class visits and extended experiences.

No matter the age of the child our aim is to make learning fun!


What Makes Our Curriculum Catholic at St Joseph's?


At St Joseph's, Jesus Christ is at the centre of all we do and all we are.  In our Mission Statement we recognise our school as "a family of Faith, Hope and Love" and within this family, we live out our vocation to empower our children to become builders of the Kingdom through acceptance of God's invitation to know, love and serve Him.

Our Curriculum compliments the vision of our school to be a place of fun and learning for all, in a school that "is forward thinking and innovative."  Our curriculum is designed to be broad and baalanced and is assiduously enriched to enable every child to engage and succeed in their learning so that they recognise and celebrate their own gifts as children of God, created in the image and likeness of the one who created us all.

Our Curriculum is ergonomically planned to facilitate our vocation as a Catholic community to give testimony through our lives to empower our children so that they will have faith, strength and desire to say "Here I am Lord, I will go wherever you lead me." 


Britannica Library Services


Cheshire West and Chester  council have on their website some brillant eResources which can be used to support your children at home.  A useful resource is the Britannica library service online.  The service is split into different age ranges and can be accessed here:

Ages 5-10 -

Ages 10+ -



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