School Council

The School Is Not Complete Without You!

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Welcome to St Joseph's school council page. We are very excited to be the new representives this year. 

      Violet     Eva    Joel     Nieve     Oscar     Emily    Victoria 

Chloe      Gracie     Phoebe     Jack      Oli      Riley

As a school council we are looking forward to discussing and implementing new ideas around school. This year we decided that each class should have a suggestion box in their classroom. So if you have any suggestions for us then you can speak to us around school or pop your suggestion in your class box and we will check these before every meeting. We will also have a suggestion box on the school council display board - you can find this near the sports hall. 

We meet every two weeks with Mr Lewis & Miss L Bennett  on a Wednesday. 


A thank you to last year's School Council...

Last year's school council did a fantastic job implementing various factors around the school such as play ground pals, digital leaders and new playground equipment. Thank you for all your hard work and we hope to match your achievements this year!