Mrs M Gum

Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs A Butterfield


Mrs A Butterfield (Nursery)

Mrs S Montgomery (Nursery)

Mrs M Burkey (Reception)

Miss R Allenden (Reception)

Miss S Howard (Year 1)

Miss Hilditch (Year 1/2)

Miss J Raymond (Year 2)

Mr J Ellam (Year 3)

Mr I Vost (Year 3)

Miss A Corcoran (Year 4)

Mr M Lewis (Year 4)

Miss A Whitehead (Year 5/6)

Mr M Dalton (Year 5/6)

Miss C Bennett (Year 5/6)

Mrs M Timm (PE Teacher)

Mrs V Kale (French Teacher)

Business Manager:

Mrs J Weaver

Administrative Officers:

Mrs D Anacoura

Mrs A Martin

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer

Mrs S Doherty (Thrive Lead Practitioner and ELSA)

Family Support Worker

Mrs L Do (Thrive Lead Practitioner and ELSA)

High Level Teaching Assistant:

Mrs S Montgomery

Miss L Bennett

Forest School Practitioner

Mrs R Sproston

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs N Edwards

Mrs R Thomas-Rees

Mrs T Gralton

Mrs D Ormandy

Mrs L Brereton

Mrs S Coyne

Mrs K Moss-Scally

Mrs C Barton

Miss B Horn (ELSA)

Miss P Kinsey

Miss K Lymer

Miss J Johnson

Mrs C Johnson

Miss C Mellor

Mr L Randle (ELSA)

Mr R Ratcliffe

Mrs S Alam

Friends Together Manager:

Mrs K Moss-Scally

Deputy Manager:

Mrs C Johnson


Mrs L Brereton

Mrs S Vieira

Miss A Gomes

Project Manager:

Mr R McKenna


Mrs D Entwistle

Mrs T Holden,

Mr L Hartle

Miss C Mulholland

Cook in Charge:

Mrs E Baumber

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs S Cavanagh, 

Mrs D Clarke

Mrs A Tyldesley

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs T Holden

Midday Assistants:

Mrs D Entwistle

Miss K Trigg

Miss C Isherwood

Miss A Gomes

Miss J Furmedge

Miss G Ormandy

Mrs J Tomlinson

Mrs J Heywood