Physical Activity

Normally school is responsible for offering chances for 30 Active Minutes in the form of daily break & lunchtime play and things like Trek to Tokyo. Children are expected to complete the remaining 30mins while at home, as part of their walk/cycle to school or at a community sports club/session.  While some of these things can't be done at the moment this target is still going to be very important not just to keep children active, but also to help maintain the whole family's mental & physical health by doing something different, active and hopefully outdoors where possible. 

We recognise the importance of physical activity at St Joseph's. We can still be active at home while we are remote learning and we would like to provide you with resources so you to can keep active. Grab those trainers and join in with us!


The School Sports Partnership website ( now includes pages which feature on the top navigation detailing activities which can be completed at home

  •  Multi Skills Challenge resources - the video, resource cards and certificate are now available for anyone to view - They weren't created for home settings but can easily be tweaked and a contact form has been added at the bottom of the webpage so that you can request advice on adapting for home use or to meet your child's individual needs.
  • A 'Home Learning' page detailing advice and links to resources. There is a link to a google sheet on the page (also directly linked here) which includes links to lesson plans, worksheets, online routines and activity idea.
  • A "family photo trails" page has been uploaded to the website also. There are a collection of fantastic photo walking trails that the partnership have created around the area that you can follow with your family. Just make sure if you post any pictures to social media, you include the hashtag #familyphototrail

Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports have put together both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 weekly learning packs comprised of physical activities that can be completed at home. The weekly learning packs can be accessed below in the "Files to Download" section at the bottom of the page.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a youtube channel that promotes yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children. Cosmic Kids is especially suitable for younger children and can support children in building strength, balance and confidence. Below is the link to thier channel:

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Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is a British fitness coach who is putting together daily fitness videos for children during the lockdown. His videos are under the name "P.E. with Joe" and provide children (and adults) with a comprehensive home workout.

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Mr Pickering's Personal Best Challenges:

Mr Pickering has been working in school during lockdown to support those children of key workers with P.E. and he has kindly put together some personal best challenges that you can complete at home. Complete these challenges on a number of occassions and see if you're able to improve your personal best score. These challenges can be found in the "Files to Download" section under the name 'Mr Pickering's Personal Best Challenges'.

Change 4 Life

The Change 4 Life pages are also very good for all round advice and ideas for maintaining a healthy lifestyle - games, recipes, activities and information about healthy living. The 10minute Shake Up games are great for finding something fun to do as a break in your on-line learning and working towards your 60 Active Minutes:


The Sports Coaching Company Challenge

Over half term, The Sports Coaching Company are running an inter-school competition. This will require you to take part in 3 different activities and send your scores to the email address on the scoresheet. Both the activity sheet and the scoresheet can be found below under the "Files to Download" section.

Files to Download

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