Year 4 - Mrs Butterfield

Day one:

Year 4 were lucky enough to have beautiful sunshine today! They worked hard to build on previously learnt skills and successfully made their own shelters complete with pegs they made themselves and some children even made their own mallets! We then decorated our shelters with dreamcatchers.

This session got our new topic 'What makes the earth angry?' off to a great start and we thought about what things we would need to survive in extreme weathers.

The children were also able to develop their teamwork and problem solving skills with some great games!

We can't wait for Day two!


Day two:

Year 4 developed their map skills today by using a map of the school to find their location and then progressed on to making their own orienteering course.

In the afternoon the children made their own no trace fires for toasting marshmallows in small groups. They were responsible for collecting fire wood and using knives to make small sticks for their fire. They lit the fires themselves and enjoyed cooking and then eating their tasty treats!

Day three - Our final session:

The day started with the children collecting their own resources for the day, this was done by collecting what they needed at different points on the field. They demonstrated wonderful map skills being able to locate all places with confidence. If they collected stuffed toys these could be used to 'buy' string for their shelters and lessons in knot tying.

The children enjoyed making their shelters, they were able to this with greater indepedence, confidence and efficiency. They made their own fire circles and made their shelters homely!

In the afternoon we made a very tasty 'Cold Weather Hot Pot'. It was so delicious that every group wanted more. 

We have really enjoyed our Forest Schools sessions and I am very proud of the children for doing so well.