Year 1/2 - Miss Bennett

Dates for Forest School

15th February 2017

With a lot of excitement the children went off today of their first day of Forest School.  After the children had risked assed the area, looking for hazards, the children discussed different ways they could keep themselves safe during the day.

The next activity of the day was a woodland cocktail. The children had to make their own concoction using the different natural resources they could find on the forest floor. After this the children then took on the challenge of building their own house for a woodland animal. All were great designs and it was great to see the children working so well together.

After lunch the children took part in a worm hunt to see which area of the field had the most worms in. The children found all sort of different types, immature, red, pale and even green. The day finished with a camp fire toasting mash mellow.

15th March 2017

Year 1/2 were very lucky today to have a day of sunshine – the coats came off! During our first activity we used our ability to find hazards and team building skills to find the fire circle a new home. Our next activity made Miss Bennett very happy – we were doing maths outside! We had the challenge of creating different 2D and 3D shapes only using 9 sticks; our shapes were very imaginative, at the same time we talked about symmetry and fractions.

In Forest School today we also used our scientific skills. We used a key to name the different trees on the school grounds and we planted our own seedlings to grow trees at home.

In the afternoon we developed our skills; some of us learnt how to use a knife safely, others how to weave using wool and sticks and our final group created an under the sea pictures using materials we found on the forest floor.

To end the day we enjoyed our marshmallows and camp fire.

5th April 2017