Year 1 - Mrs Timm & Mr Thorpe

1st March 2017

What a fantastic first Forest School day the children had today. The children started the morning session by looking for different hazards in the area. The children then spent some time thinking about how they could keep themselves safe during the day.

The children then had to make their own Forest School cocktail using all the thing they could find in the forest. James then said

"Look Mr Thorpe mine's called Forest Surprise!"

After this the children then spent some time making homes for Mr Thorpe's Forest School animals. All of the houses were great designs and some even had zip wires and swimming pools.

In the afternoon the children went looking for worms on the school field and they were amazed at the different ones they found. The day finished with an Ash Wednesday services around the camp fire where the children all received ashes to mark the start of Lent.

22nd March 2017

We were all very excited today as we headed outside for our next forest school session. Our first task of the day was to complete a hazard check to see if anything had changed since we were last here. We then moved onto a maths activity where we had to creating different 2D and 3D shapes only using 9 sticks. Our shapes were very creative and we started to talk about symmetry.

In Forest School today we also used our scientific skills. We used a key to name the different trees on the school grounds and we planted our own seedlings to grow trees at home.

In the afternoon we developed our skills; some of us learnt how to use a knife safely, others how to weave using wool and sticks and our final group created an under the sea pictures using materials we found on the forest floor.

To end the day we enjoyed our marshmallows and camp fire.

19th April 2017

We were all a little sad today as we headed off for our final day at forest school this year.

After a hazard check we spent some time completing problem solving activities which were great fun. We had to fit six people on the smallest square possible.

Mr Thorpe then taught us how to tie a timber hitch and we made our very own log dogs. We then used this knot to make waterproof shelters complete with chairs and tables.

In the afternoon we cooked Bolognese on a real fire ate it in our shelters that we had made in our groups