Reception - Mrs Burkey

Dates for Forest School

3rd May 2017

The children really enjoyed our first ever Forest School session.  They had a great time exploring a new part of the school field and discovering the fun to be had with a piece of wood!

A firm favourite was a game called Eagle Eyes which is very similar to Hide and Seek.  The children have brought this back to our playground and have taken it in turns to be the Eagle.  When asked what their favourite things were from the day many children did focus on the hit chocolate and toasted marshmallow but actually most of their memories have been based around building homes for their animals and using the tools to create wood cookies and mallets  


17th May 2017

Our second second session got off to a great start. The children were much more confident at creating the fire circle and were quick to point out when adults did not follow the fire circle rules! 

During the morning the children were excited to play Eagle Eyes again. Since the last session children have spontaneously organised games in the Reception playground. During this session we built dens in teams, there was some controversy as to which den was the best! After we had built our dens we took part in some team challenges.  We were all amazing!

Mr Thorpe helped the children to whittle their own roasting sticks during the afternoon.  I was very impressed by the children's awareness of how to stay safe  when handiling knives  

14th June 2017

Our last forest school of the year! Today we built dens and we were excited to finally get around to cooking.  

In the morning the children consolidated all of the learning from the previous sessions which they really enjoyed.  They were confident to lead the den building and setting up the fire circle  by themselves. 

In the morning we quickly organised a game of our favourite - Eagle Eyes! I think some of the children are going to be expert hiders!

in the afternoon we carefully cut up the ingredients to create our bolognese sauce  and the children excited to take it back to their own den to eat before one last game of Eagle Eyes before home time!