Reception - Mrs Burkey

Session 1

The children really enjoyed their first session of Forest School!

During the morning we had a great time exploring the outdoor space looking for hazards and then playing hide and seek. In the afternoon we had a fantastic time roasting marshmallows!

Session 2

The weather was not quite so kind to us today - chilly in the morning and very wet in the afternoon!  This did not dim the children's enthusiasm  The were keen to get outside ahd play some of thee games we had played the previous week.

Session 3

The final session of forest school was great fun! We were experts at buildng shelters and created little outdoor homes for ourselves.  In the afternoon we made yummy spaghetti sauce which we thoroughly enjoyed. Most children had seconds and outdoor cooking something the children are eager to try again. 

We are going to try to create some outdoor shelters in the Reception area as the children found building and using them great fun.