Mrs Timm' s Class (2017 -2018)

Thursday 30th November 2017

On a very cold day we started our final Forest School session. We wrapped up warm, lotes of layers, hats, gloves and waterproofs on!

Our first challenge was a two very difficult problems, Floating Islands and the Electric Fence. After we had completed these we spent some time reflecting on the skills we needed to complete all of the challenges we have faced at Forest School. Mr Thorpe talked to us about how these skills could be used in the classroom to.

Our next challenge was to make a table using some of the knots we had learnt to tie in Forest Schools. This took us much longer than we thought it would, but with squeals of delight we managed it.

In the afternoon we had to set up a shelter and make a Mayan stew which tasted fantastic. In the end of the day we spent some time reflecting on all of our Forest School learning.

Thursday 9th November 2017

What a very busy day we have had today. Mr Thorpe ask us first to think about safety instructions for using tools. Mr Thorpe asked us to reflect on how far we had come with our understanding of managing risk.

We then moved onto making and lighting our own fires. We had to spilt the wood and make shavings using a knife. Mr Thorpe commented on how safe we were with using a knife and we all got a green dojo. With much determination and hard work we managed to light our fires and then toasted bread, lovely!

In the afternoon me made our own Mayan masks and pots using natural resources to scratch the detail into the clay. Feel free to come and have a look.

Forest School 12th October 2017
On a bright sunny day we started with using our map and hazard identification skills. Our task this week was to mark on the map where the hazards were. This was a really big challenge for which we needed two skills for this. The first was being able to track where you were on the map and the second was being able to mark precisely where the hazards were.
We then got into the groups we were in from the first session and finished our Mayan Temples. There was a lot to do.
  1. Finish cutting the wood.
  2. Sanding the wood down.
  3. Gluing the wood together
  4. Finally painting the wood in a lovely red.
In the afternoon we went back to map work. We had to make a Mayan city using a map to help us. The cities were complete with roads, temples and miniature trees.
We all had a fantastic day.

Forest School 21st September 2017

Our first Forest School session with Mr Thorpe has been a busy one! Working together, we began with our risk assessment of the Forest School area, ensuring a safe environment for our day. Although the weather wasn't really on our side, it wasn't about to put a dampener on things! We went on to make bracelets out of string which we fashioned ourselves, learned how to create a clove hitch and used tools to design our own pyramids.

In the afternoon, we had to use the clove hitch we learnt to tie in the morning, to make a bow and arrow. This was much harder than we thought it would be but with a little bit of hard work we got there.

We finished the day by toasting mashmallows around a fire.

Another great day!