Mrs Ford's Class (2017-2018)

Monday 29th January 2018

It was a damp, wet and muddy start to Year 3's first Forest School session. To start with Year 3 made a fire circle under the shelter to keep warm and dry. Mr Thorpe then lit a fire and the children had to use their senses to try and describe the fire. After that, Year 3 had to write their own senses poem using all of their brilliant ideas they had come up with. Some even managed to use a simile!

"The fire was a radiant orange colour like a beautiful sunset." - Aimee 

Once the children shared their poems with eachother, they made their way back to the fire circle where they had a delicious hot chocolate to warm up. Mr Thorpe then showed Year 3 the Egyptian writing called heiroglyphics and they had to use natural materials to write our own names. It was tricky!!

After lunch, the children were split up into 3 teams to complete some difficult team challenges. It was extremely important to work together, help eachother and communicate to successfully finish them. 

"My favourite challenge was the one where we had to order oursleves in height order without falling off the plank. I liked this one because I liked working as  a team!" - Erin C

"My favourite challenge was the river challenge because it was fun and we worked well together." - Alfie B

The children were then given a map of Giza and they had to recreate the map, making sure that the pyramids and roads were in the correct places. Year 3 finished off the day by toasting marshmallows on the fire. It was a great day! 

"I really enjoyed the map work because I worked well with my team and got it correct." - Tyler

"I most enojoyed the challenges because we had to work as a team!" - Ellie

"My favourite part of the day was making the fire circle" - Harvey