Mrs Butterfield and Mrs Knott (2017 - 2018)

14th May 2018

What a beautiful day for Forest Schools! We started the day by assessing the area and identifying hazards with flags. After this we developed our understanding of shadows and created some wonderful pictures as well as making some puppet shows with all the natural resources around us. 

In the afternoon we made dreamcatchers and then had the opportunity to explore and use the Forest Schools area as we wished. The children made some wonderful rivers, made cars from wood and used the low ropes. As well as this some children made some excellent fairy gardens. 

We had a wonderful day and can't wait for our final session in June. 


Day 2 - February 2018

We started our day by taking phots of hazards using the iPads. We put the pictures on Piccollage saying what they were and how they could hurt us.

Mr Thorpe set us a challenge where we had to communicate without talking. This was achallenge as we had to plan what we werte going to do first.

After this we had to make a pyramid and write a set of instructions for it. This was difficult as Mr Thorpe told us that we had to work it out for ouselves.

We finished the day by making Egyptian desert bread. We all loved it and had seconds.

Day 1 - January 2018

Our Forest school sessions have begun and we are very excited to take part!

Unfortunately we were not blessed with great weather today but that didn't stop us! We began by setting up the forest school area and then assessing the area for dangers, After this we played some team building games which were lots of fun and really encouraged us to work together. As we gathered around the fire circle for biscuitsand hot chocolate it began to pour with rain. We decided it would be best to take the next session back inside the classroom where we made ouur names using hierogylphics. After lunch we were ready to face the cold weather once again. We made maps of Giza in groups and finished our day around the fire with marshmallows.

We can't wait for our next session!