Miss Raymond's Class (2017 - 2018)

29th January 2017

We were all very excited today as we starte our Forest School sessions with Mr Thorpe. Our first task of the day was to look for dangers at all levels of the woods. We had to look at the ground eye level and up high in the trees. Mr Thorpe talked to us about the importance of survaying all levels of the woods not just eye level. You nver know where the dangers are.

We then had 3 very challenging problems to solve:

1. Can you cross the river using crates and planks?

2. Can you change places on a plank without falling off?

3. How far can you transport the ball using pipes?

All of these were very difficult, but with hard work we managed them.

In the afternoon Mr Thorpe asked us try and use a Map of Giza to create our model City. We learnt the importance of map reading and placing things in the right place.

We are really looking forawrd to our next session.