Miss Fox's Class (2017 -2018)

Thursday 1st March 2018

The Beast from the East did not stop us today! Mr Thorpe took us on a tour of the school grounds, we could not believe how much snow and ice there was around. We practised our writing this morning in the snow which was great fun. Some of made tracks for other people to follow.

We then came back inside to warm up with hot chocolate and a biscuit. After this we went back outside to slide down the hills in the school grounds and we were set the task of making a super slide just like in the Winter Olympics.


Thursday 25th January 2018

We had a super hero day today! Mr Thorpe ask us to imagine that we were a superhero and look for ineteresting things in the woods that would give us special powers. When we had finished this Mr Thorpe asked us what super powers each one of the items gave us.

Our next challenge was to try and make a superhero home in pairs. Lots of team work was needed to complete the task. Mr Thorpe was very pleased with our amazing constructions.

We spent the afternoon make superheros out of wool, clay, sticks and fabric. Our designs were amazing! Please come and see them in the classroom.

Thursday 11th January 2018

We were very lucky todayt as we had our first whole day of Forest School. Wow what a treat!

We started the morning off by looking for hazards in our area. We then spenty some time talking about the ways we can keep ourselves safe, Mr Thorpe set us a challenge of carrying the biggest log we could safely in pairs. After alot of thinking and talking with our partners we managerd to do it.

After lots of exploring we spent some time thinking about how we are all differet. We made clay faces against the trees, took photos of each other in the willow photo frame and made different fish bages.

We finished off the day by toasting mashmallows around a lovely fire.