Miss Bennett's Class (2017 -2018)

Monday 18th December 2017

We were a little sad this morning as today was our last Forest School session with Mr Thorpe. We began by reflecting on our learning on how to manage our own risk and Mr Thorpe was very pleased with how much we had learnt in this area. We then moved onto a problem solving/maths idea. Mr Thorpe asked us to build a structure as high as we could out of small sticks. We had to think about how to make our satructures strong.

After a quick break of hot chocolate and a biscuit we moved onto continue our learning on the Great Fire of London. We had to build a street from Old London Town using natural resources while thinking about how close together the houses used to be in London.

In the afternoon we explored the Foret School area and made bread and toasted it on a fire. What a fantastic day!

Monday 27th November 2017

Today we had lots of fun on a cold, wet and windy day. We started the session off by talking about the different tools we were going to use at Forest School that day. Mr Thorpe asked us to try and think about how we could keep ourselves safe when using them.

We then moved onto some problem solving activities which were all based around the Great Fire of London. This was incredibly good fun and we learnt some important lesson about working together as a team and that water does not travel up hill.

Mrs Thorpe then set us the task of making the school's Advent Wreath for the forthcoming Advent service on Thursday. We had to use the tools we had talked about at the start of the day to cut evergreen materials we needed.

In the afternoon we went back to the Great Fire of London again. We all had a go at making sparks using a striker. We learnt that the sparks from the bakery had started the Great Fire of London. What a great day.



Monday 6th November 2017

Today was a very busy and active day at Forest School today. Our first job was to check the area to make sure that our Forest School area had not been damaged too much in the recent storms.

Our next task was complete some work for the Forestry Commission. Mr Thorpe told us that needed to know the size of each of the tree trunks. We spent some time measuring them with either lollipop sticks or tape measures.

Mr Thorpe then set us some team challenges. We had to work in groups of 10 to complete the following. 

  1. How many people can stand on a small wooden square?
  2. Can you change places while standing on a plank so that you are in height order.?
  3. Can you go under the limbo poles while holding hands with your partner?

All were great fun but we had to work hard together.

Our next challenge was to think about our science topic of habitats for Mini Beasts. We had to work together in small groups to make a habitat for different mini beasts. We had to give reasons to why the animals would like to live there.

Monday 9th October 2017

What a busy day we have had today at Forest School. We spent the first part of the day making a map of the Forest School area. This made us think alot as we had to work together to discuss our ideas. We then had to use our maps to plan a route using maths language.

Before lunch Mr Thorpe let us explore the Forest School area and we had to choose which activities to do. These were some of the activities we could do:

  1. Can you make a meal at the mud kitchen?
  2. Can you find the buried treasure in the pit?
  3. How low can you limbo?
  4. Can use a mallet to hit a peg into the ground?

In the afternoon we had to use our maps skills to follow the route of the Naughty Bus. At the end of the trail we found the chocolate biscuits and we ate them. Wow! What a great day.

Monday 18th September 2017

What a great day we have had. We started the day off exploring the forest school area looking for anything we found interesting. We spent some time talking about seeds falling from the trees.

Our next task was to try and make 2D and 3D shapes using sticks. We found it a real challenge, but we worked hard as a team and managed to do it. In our class we have been looking at the Naughty Bus. Mr Thorpe set us a challenge of building a road for the Naughty Bus to travel on.

In the afternoon we used a bow saw to cut wood to make our own Naughty Bus. We finished off the day by sitting around a lovely fire.