Forest School - Nursery

Nursery had a wonderful time at forest schools even if it did rain all day!  The children grew in confidence as the day progressed.  They experienced a wide range of activities including building habitats for an animal using suitable sticks. We talked about safety as Mr Thorpe lit a fire.  The children practised their balancing skills on the beam.  They climbed into the hammock.  Some children had the opportunity to use tools such as trowels and wooden mallets.  We look forward to the next session.

In our second session the children toasted marshmallows on the fire and enjoyed drinking hot chocolate.  They made sculptures using natural materials such as; branches, grass and leaves.  They made a boomerang sculpture to link to our Australia around the world theme.  The children helped Mr Thorpe to make a shelter and place log seats under it.  Miss Davies helped the children to make their own raffia bracelets.

In our final session we took our learning about Australia into forest schools.  The children had to find Australian animals that were hidden and Aboriginal tracking symbols.  The children practised their sawing skills and decorated the coookie that they cut off the branch.  We had an Australian BBQ and cooked hot dogs on the fire!  The children really enjoyed them.

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