Wellbeing Week

Date: 14th Oct 2019 @ 5:03pm

14th October 2019

Last week was one to remember as all of the pupils at St Joseph's took part in 'wellbeing week'. We focused both on improving our wellbeing as well as understanding steps that we could take in order to ensure that our wellbeing was well protected. Our week centred around five key areas of wellbeing:

1.) Keeping active
2.) Giving
3.) Making connections
4.) Learning 
5.) Taking notice.

All throughout the week we paid host to a range of visitors, from librariarians who came to teach us about how we could sign up to the library and get the most out of it, to meditation gurus who taught us all about breathing to help us relax and remain calm. Mrs Do and Mrs Doherty even came into our classes to teach us about our brains and how they react when we are feeling a little bit stressed or anxious. They were very funny!

Each of the individual classes also got up to a range of unique activities! Miss Bennet's class enjoyed listening to peaceful music while also engaging in some mindfulness colouring as well as completing a session on calm and elevate moods. Mr Dalton's class took part in lessons on managing stress and how too much social media can potentially damage our wellbeing. Mr Matthew's class tried to take notice of all the things that our parents do for us that may go unappreciated as well as learning about foodbanks and the role they play in the community.

At the end of the week we held a wellbeing fair whereby the parents were invited to come and see for themselves the amazing things that we did and perhaps consider their own wellbeing. It was a huge success and everyone was really impressed. There's only one more thing left to say...........

We are definitely looking forward to Wellbeing Week 2020!

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