Phonics at St Joseph's

Read, Write, Inc

At St Joseph's we base our phonics teaching on the Read, Write, Inc program.

Read, Write, Inc is a scheme which uses pictures and rhymes to help children remember the letter shapes and the associated sounds they produce. 

From the earliest years we use technical language which children quickly understand which they enjoy sharing witht their families.  

Grapheme - A single letter shape written or printed.  The way the letter looks. 

Phoneme - The sound the grapheme makes.

DigraphTwo letters that make one sound such as ch, th, oo

Trigraph - three letters that make one sound such as igh


What is Read, Write Inc. Phonics


 Understanding Phonics

 How to say the sounds

  How to say the Sounds                   

In school every class has a regularly updated phonics display to remind the children which sounds have been taught.


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