Design Technology

At St Joseph's, we believe design and technology is an important part of our curriculum which allows us to explore multiple areas of the curriculum through the process of designing, creating, building and evaluating. As well as seeking to inspire the children to think creatively about how design and technology has impacted every single aspect of our lives, we also enocurage them to consider new and innovative ways to to approach problems and find solutions.

At St Joseph's, we believe that  the tremendous outdoor environment  we are blessed to have is an incredible asset and thus we seek to use it to build and create during our forest school sessions. Forest school and design and technology go hand in hand at St Joseph's and many of our greatest creations and innovations have come during our beloved forest school sessions. 

Through design and technology, we also look to improve the children's culinary skills through tasting, baking and cooking. The children are exposed to a wide variety of recipes and foods from countries all over the world which allows them to experience different cuisines and further their understanding of different cultures.

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