At St Joseph's we have our very own mascots. Burt is a purple dragon with big feelings. He can easily get cross and needs some help to regulate and manage his big feelings. He has learnt some great strategies to manage his feelings and he kindly has shared them all with us too!

Burt stands for:

Breathe - sometimes big feelings can be tricky, we remember to do some slow and stready breathing

Understand - we work through to understand the feeling

Regulate - we work through activities to help us feel happier and calmer again

Think - we think about what we can do next time if we feel like this again

Every class has a Burt mascot as well as a 'cool bag' which has activities in to help us feel better. Sometimes we talk to Burt when something is tricky and sometimes we need to help Burt when he finds things hard. We know it is OK to have big feelings and we learn together how to deal with them.

We have Burt Stops in the playground (a big thank you to the PTA). If we feel lonely or need a friend, we stand by the stop and people can see we need a friend and let us join in their game. 



Advice for Parents about Anxiety

Anxiety - Advice from Childline

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