Meet Our Digital Leaders


Hello my name is Conor.

I will show my hobbies I like football  swimming and playing games.

My age is 8 so I’m year 3 but not exactly I’m in a mixed class of year 3 and 4.

My dreams are to be a Youtuber and I have visited Greece and Slovakia.

I joined digital leaders because I thought it was fun.


Name : Lucas

Hobby : Football

Year : 5

What I do : Boxing

My dream job : Rugby player

Favourite subject : PE


My name is Louie and I am in year 4 and I like to play football with my friends at the Winsford Academy playground. I also like to play Rocket League. My favourite subject is Maths.


My name Nolan and I am in year 4 and I like to play Fall Guys with  my friends online. My favourite subject is Science. I like to play Badmington.


My name is Oliver.

I am in year 3.

I like playing football and I like swimming.

I like pizza.

My favourite video game is fc24.


Hi! My name is Henry and my hobby is playing video games (mostly fc24) my 2nd favourite game is football. I like programming a microbit and my favourite food is burgers.


Hello there, my name is Sophia I’m in year 5 and I adore gaming. My current dream job is either a singer or dancer since I dance so much. My favourite subjects in school are art and English and my favourite place to go is at the park or at my house.

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