Democracy Day

Date: 14th Nov 2019 @ 11:53pm

On Friday 9th November, our school participated in one of the most exciting (and relevant) days of the year....Democracy Day!

The day kicked off with Mr Vost hosting an assembly to teach the school exactly how democracy works. We learned about the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the fact that the Queen opens parliament once a year. Mr Vost taught us that democracy is extremely important because it gives us a voice and let's us have a say on issues that affect us.

Once assembly was finished, we went back to our classes and - to our suprise - we were going to be the politicians for the day. Our teachers asked us to form our own political parties and campaign to decide who should run the school!

The first thing we were tasked with was creating a manifesto. This is essentially a list of promises that we would carry out if our party was to be successful. The promises had to be realistic though, there were to be no outdoor swimming pools or hoverboards allowed. After we had created our manifesto, we chose a party leader. This was to be the person who would get up in front of the rest of her or his classmates and explain why they should vote for us. While everyone wanted to be the leader, it was important that we chose someone who was engaging and trustworthy. 

Once the party leaders had been decided, it was time to promote our parties through creating posters and rosettes. We worked hard to ensure that our promotional materials really represented what our party stood for.

By the time the afternoon came, we all knew it was crunch time. Each party went to the front of the class and talked through their manifesto, trying to explain to the other children why they should vote for them and even got a chance to question them on their ideas. This was a great part of the day because it was an opportunity to see everyone's hard work on show. Once everyone had promoted their party, we went to to the ballots in order to vote for the party we thought would best lead our school. 

Democracy Day was absolutely fantastic and we just can't wait to do it next year!

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