Year 5/6

Year 5/6- Anglo Saxons

The children began this week investigating and creating their own jewellery in the style of Anglo Saxon jewellery. They found out about the layouts of the settlements that would have been around at that time and used natural materials to create their own model. As the children are just embarking on their journey as our oldest members of the school the games we played focussed on trust and leadership. The children have also planted their own daffodil bulb to celebrate the school turning 50, we look forward to seeing them bloom in spring!



Year 5/6- Vikings and Orienteering

The week started with a bang on Bonfire night! The children focused their dynamic risk assessment looking at potential hazards that this may have left. The games that we played this week focussed on cooperation and resilience skills, both essential for the future. Continuing to build on their topic of Vikings the children then learnt and practiced how to tie a clove hitch knot and how to use square lashing. They then used these skills to create their own photo frames and Viking long ships. During the afternoon we had a lot of fun learning some basic orienteering skills and then using these to compete in a head to head race. There was some excellent team work observed throughout the week and we are looking forward to hearing how the children have transferred these skills to the classroom.


Year 5/6- Teamwork

This week was a different week as the Year 6 children were visiting Robin wood. The weather was rather challenging this week and we really had to battle the elements. We spent a lot of our time this week practising our knot tying. Firstly, we used these skills to erect some shelters to help us with the weather. We also used these skills to create stars as Christmas decorations, they were very fiddly and this really tested our perseverance skills. We also participated in a number of team challenges, which tested our communication skills. One of the favourite games this week was trying to transfer pinecones across the field using only drainpipes.


Year 5/6- Map Work/South America

This week we started our sessions thinking about 4 and 8 point compasses. The children worked as a team to create their own compass and then we used this to play some games. We then set about creating our own maps of the school grounds, there was great discussion about the number of trees on the field that needed to be included. When the maps were finished we then used these to mark where some of our woodland friends were hidden, and then challenge our friends to find them. Thankfully all the animals were rescued! We then looked at the ancient Mexican tradition of making God’s Eye’s and had a go at making some of our own.

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