Year 5 - Miss Hill

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Wrapped up warm with their hats, scarves, gloves and lots of layers, Year 5 were ready to brave the winter weather ready for the day ahead. We started our learning by investigating the frost that had formed overnight and the different types of trees in our school grounds. We then completed our risk assessments and created our fire circle. Then it was time to play our favourite game - Eagle Eye! After this we had to get our problem solving hats on and work as a team to complete the tarp challenge. Miss Hill and Mr Thorpe were really impressed with how the children communicated with one another to overcome the problem they faced. 

The next task was to make a map using natural materials to help guide other groups around the forest school area, this was great fun and some of the end products were fantastic!! Now we were tasked with map and orienteering skills to navigate and find places within the school grounds. We had to hide and then find objects using other groups maps, we had a great time doing this and applied lots of our maths skills! The afternoon consisted of building our very own Anglo-Saxon village using natural materials and creating Viking shields. We had a great day! 🌳🌳 

"I had great fun using my orienteering skills to find the hidden objects!" - Charlie J

"I enjoyed the tarp challenge because I like working as a team" - Fintan

"Using my map skills was really enjoyable today" - Cerys

"Working as a group to create a map with natural materials was my favourite part" - Katie

"I enjoyed playing Eagle Eye as it allowed me to see how the area had changed over the seasons" - Dylan

Wednesday 11th January 2017

Our second session started by layering up for the wintery day that we had ahead of us. The first thing we noticed was how strong the winds were, we thought this was quite a big hazard as it could cause branches to fall off the trees in our forest school area. Next, we played our favourite game of 'Eagle Eye'. This game teaches us to take turns, how to be a good sport and to observe our surroundings. Our next activity challenged our teamwork skills, we were split into groups and had to see how far we could get the stick by remaining in contact with eachother. We then discussed as a group how to improve and had another go. After that, we worked in partners to develop our trust by guiding our friend around the area when they had their eyes closed. We then developed this further by taking part in the 'trust fall'. Next, we had to build our own dens, an activity we hadn't done before. We had to use a special knot called a 'square lashing' to put our A-Frame together. It was important to plan our ideas for our shelter otherwise our den may have collapsed. We then made sure it was well insulated by packing leaves and other natural materials on top. 

What did the children have to say:

"I liked playing the trust games because it made us trust our partners" - Erin

"Eagle Eye was my favourite because it was fun and we took tuirns" -Nile

"This was my favourite session so far because we got to be a lot more independent with the activities" - Katie

"I enjoyed building the den because I liked putting the leaves on" - George

"I liked building the den because it helped me to develop my teamwork skills" - Rhian

"I enjoyed making the wood cookie for our boat because it was fun!" - Macy O 

Wednesday 1st February 2017


Our last session started by setting up our fire circle and assessing any hazards in the area. After this we played eagle eye and then split into different groups and were challenged with some shape problems. We welcomed some stick babies to our groups which we have had to look after whilst doing a number of challenges including the trim trail.  These challenges helped us to improve our teamwork and communication. We then had to order ourselves in height order as a class whilst balancing on some balance beams. This was difficult because there wasn't much room and it took us a while to figure out the best tactic to use. Once this was completed we sat in our fire circle and enjoyed some hot chocolate as a class. The next task was to construct our dens from tarp and string. Some of us used the knives to make pegs to help keep our dens secure. We then played some trust games with each other. 

The afternoon consisted of us preparing our food for our South American food dish. We learnt lots of new skills and the food was really tasty! We have thoroughly enjoyed our forest school sessions this year!!

"I enjoyed building the dens as it was fun working as a team" - Frankie

"I liked doing the balance beam challenge because we all had to communicate with eachother" - Issy

"Den building was my favourite part because I liked working with my team" - Charlie J

"I liked doing the trust games because it made me trust my friends more" - Kai

"We welcomed our stick baby to our group called Jeffry and other groups welcomed theirs" - Jacob