Year 3/4

Year 3/4- Stone Age                                                                                                                                  September


This week the children enjoyed a range of activities all about The Stone Age. We began the week by creating our very own stone age tools, who knew it was such a challenge to tie a piece of flint to a stick!? The children showed their creativity making their own paint brushes and paint using natural materials to create their own cave paintings. There was great excitement when they went to investigate suspicious brown lumps they had found on the field. The children were able to dissect them to investigate the difference between modern day and stone age diets. During the week some of the children also created their own version of stone age pottery and added patters to the outside. The children have also planted their own daffodil bulb to celebrate the school turning 50, we look forward to seeing them bloom in spring!



Year 3/4-Cooperation/Music                                                                                              November

This week we focussed on communication. We started by laying some games where we had to listen carefully to each other, the favourite being the ‘night line’ the children worked as a team with blindfolds on working their way along a string trail. They thought about what they were experiencing and tried to pass back information to those who were following. Working in teams we then erected our own shelters big enough for our whole team, some of them were fitted out with front doors, furniture and even carpets! We also explored how to create music and made notations of our rhythms using natural materials.


Year 3/4- Volcanoes                                                                                        January

This week we continued the children’s learning about volcanoes during our learning outside the classroom sessions. The children started their sessions with team games, they particularly enjoyed the hoop game and relished the healthy competition of head to head racing whilst passing the hoop over all of the children in their team. Using sticks, the children then worked together to make their own representation of a volcano thinking about the vocabulary they could use to describe it. We ended our day with a bit of a bang creating an explosion using coke and Mentos to simulate a volcano erupting.  


Year 3/4- Introduction to tools and fire                                                   March

This week started with the celebration of Shrove Tuesday. There was great excitement in our LOtC sessions this week as the children were introduced to using sheath knives to whittle. They showed a great level of maturity when delivering ‘tool talks’ before using the tools and then attempted to whittle the bark of two sticks in order to create their own cross to attach their Lenten promise to. We discussed fire safety and created a safe environment together to create and light a campfire. We all enjoyed using the campfire to toast our own pancakes to celebrate shrove Tuesday.



September 2019

This week years 3 and 4 were exploring the topic of the Ancient Egyptians.   They made words and numbers using Hieroglyphics made with natural resources and also created their own Egyption face masks again using natural resources.  They were able to use a flint and steel to make a spark and had a great time playing games.  The children enjoyed  hot pitta bread with cheese inside for snack and afterwards made the most of free forest time.  Acorn necklaces were made and dens for small animals.  





September 2020

Year 3/4 had a wonderful time getting back outside for Forest School.  We had a fire, toasted marshmallows and played lots of games.  The children enjoyed  making stone age tools using some of the Forest School skills they have learnt.  Free time was enjoyed by all!

Mrs Sproston 

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