Year 3 - Miss Hilditch

Wednesday 21st September 

On a bright, cool and crisp September morning year 3 came to school equipped  with wellies, jumpers and hats ready for their first forest school session! The start of the morning was made up searching for firewood that we could use to light our fire later on in the day. 

First job of the morning! Children had to scan the area for hazards, we discussed what hazards there were and how we could avoid them. Children knew they would need to keep their eyes open for potential hazards all day. Next up was children organising our fire circle! 

Up next was problem solving. Children had to lay out tarps and stand on it. The aim of the game!? To try and figure out how to turn the tarps over without stepping off it! 

Mid morning break consisted of children exploring the colours of autumn leaves and picking their favourite type of leaf. Children got a lovely hot chocolate to keep them warm. 

As expected with year 3 forest school sessions it began to drizzle! So children were tasked with setting up their own shelters using a timber hitch knot. Children could then have a go at using what was outside to make sure they had seats in their shelters. 

All in all the children had an amazing day in the outdoors, we can't wait for the next session! 

Wednesday 11th October 

October seemed to be a cooler month so children were layered up and ready for the day. The morning began with children hunting for hazards to make sure the area was safe to work in. Children had improved their understanding of hazards and were now able to explain why objects were hazards and what we could do to prevent accidents and keep ourselves and others safe. Children then played one of their favourite games, eagle eyes! 

Cameron- "that was my best hiding spot ever!" 

Abbie- "this game is so fun, I love thinking about where to hide"

Children then spent some time producing their own map of the forest school area. Groups thought of using sticks in a square shape to represent the buildings and leaves to show where the trees are. Children displayed excellent team work skills to produce a natural map in a group. 

Kenzie -"ok you tell me what things we need and I'll go and get them. I've found twigs, leaves and willow." 

Evie- "ok guys, let's keep going, we can finish this!" 

Children were then given a map and had to guess what the map was showing. 

Dominik - "it's a map of the school!" 

Correct! Children then had to follow the leader around the school grounds following their map with their fingers. Children then had to use their orienteering skills and hide a character from Mr Thorpe's bag of forest friends. Would children be able to use their maps to locate big rabbit, white mouse or Cyril? 

Children were brilliant working in pairs and using their maps, they barely needed any support from myself, Mr Thorpe or Miss Lymer! I'm so proud of how well the class listened to instructions and worked with each other! They were fantastic. I know we all can't wait for our final forest school session after half term. 


Wednesday 9th November 

After a wet start to the morning the rain eased off and children were wrapped up and ready to go. It was a chilly star but the day began with the hazard check. Children put together the fire circle so we had a base. Children had lots of fun playing forest school problem solving games.