Year 1/2

Year 1/2- Castles                                                                                                                      October


The children have had a fabulous week extending their learning about castles. This week the children played a number of games helping them to focus on their listening skills. Using natural materials in the environment, the children created characters from the story and also built their very own castle. Their creativity shone through, and the creations were definitely fit for royalty! The signs of Autumn are really beginning to appear this week and it has been a great opportunity to explore the vast array of colour that our world provides for us. The children have also planted their own daffodil bulb to celebrate the school turning 50, we look forward to seeing them bloom in spring!



Year 1/2 – Design and Technology Week                                                                            October


We have continued to develop our friendship and team work skills this week, playing lots of games which gave the children the chance to take the responsibility to lead the games and cooperate with each other. The children were very excited to use some tools this week and we had a go at using a junior hacksaw and a bench hook. They started by doing a ‘tool talk’ with each other to introduce the tool and explain how to keep safe when doing this. Many of the children were then able to independently cut their own length of wood and used this to create their own model. This week we also investigated floating and sinking and thought about which materials were best to make a boat.



Year 1/2-Advent                                                                                                                December

This week the children have been exploring advent. We have again started our days playing games focusing on developing our team working and communication skills. We then focused on advent, looking carefully at advent wreaths, what each of the individual elements means and how to create one. The children used secateurs to collect foliage from the school grounds and used these to build their own wreaths displayed in the entrance halls of both of the school buildings.


Year 1/2- Our Perfect Village                                                                                                  January

A great way to start the new year thinking about how we can all live together cooperatively. This week we were really excited to see that we had some special visitors to our Forest School area. They had left us some special thread and asked us to make friendship bracelets. We worked together with our friends to make our own bracelets. We then thought about the people who had left us these gifts and thought about what we could build them for their own village. The children were amazingly creative and built hair salons, cinemas, swimming pools, churches, houses & chocolate factories just to name a few.



Year 1/2- Growing                                                                                            February

This week we began our week exploring our outdoor environment to look for new signs of life. We were excited to see that the daffodils we planted before Christmas have started to grow! We also spotted new buds on some of the trees and some saplings beginning to grow on the field. As part of our Science topic about plants we then dissected some daffodils and looked at all of the different parts of the flower. The children enjoyed using the flowers to create some beautiful art work and also using the hammers to create some art work using the hapazome technique.



September 2019

This week we explored the story 'The naughty bus.' 

The children made roads and lanes from natural resources for their  vehicles to run along and had great fun racing them. They created food in the mud kitchen and served it to their friends.  

Together we had fun learning a new song about the bus.  We used our problem solving skills to build strong tall towers and had a tasty snack of pitta bread and cheese.  

Great fun!!

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