Sports Houses and PE Leaders 2018 - 2019

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School has four Sports Houses; Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Every child in school from Reception to Year 6  has been allocated to one of these houses. House Captains are chosen from Year 6. They help to organise all of the sporting activities and help lead the intra-competitions.

The House Captains for this academic year are;

Red      -      Archie Morrison and Phoebe Rendell

Yellow   -      Ryan Thebe and Ella Fletcher

Green    -     Arthur Bebbington and Ruby Hughes

Blue      -     Finley Doyle-Latham and Brodie Anglim

There are also eight additional Year 6 Sports Leaders; Grace Campbell Briggs, Lexia Jince, Kai Parry Bersantie, Ryan Whitlow, Michael Hanson, Bradleigh Lymer, Evie Stokes and Lylah Roberts, who help organise playtime and lunchtime sporting activities.

Gracie Hughes, Alfie Hough, Haydn Sime and Katy Edge lead the Change 4 Life Club which runs on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Each class in KS2 has four Sports Leaders who are responsible for getting out and putting away any sports equipment used in the PE lessons.

Year 3       -    Charlie McDermott, Ricky Crank, Peyton Mundy and Harry Lilia Grace Ford

Year 3/4    -    Harry Dutton, William Powley, Evie Rowland and Eve Kelly

Year 4       -    Harry Johnson, Daniel Dziobak, Scarlett Connolly and Phoebe Nowell

Year 5/6  MD     -    Finley Doyle-Latham, Grace Campbell Briggs, Victoria Morek and Riley Tasker Came

Year 5/6  AW  -  Bradleigh Lymer, Harry Price, Phoebe Rendell and Abbie Walker Worthington   

Year 5/6  CB    -     Ryan Thebe, Dominik Swiderek, Brodie Anglim and Aimee Whitlow