School Therapy Animals

Our School Therapy animals helps us to provide emotional support for our pupils. 

We have a therapy dog, chickens and rabbits. If you look closely you will also find fish and stick insects in classrooms!

Teddy is a friendly and loving dog who has been with us since September 2017. He loves being around the children and is very much a part of our school family.

Teddy visits all the classes on a regular basis as well as working with some pupils on an individual basis to provide friendship and confidence. Children take part in various acitivies with Teddy, including petting him, brushing him, reading to him, confiding in him as well as taking him for walks around the school grounds. Teddy provides a listening ear without any judgement as well as helping our pupils recognise how fabulous they really are!

Belle, a Teacup Chihuahua, has joined the team to help support the children’s emotional wellbeing.  She is very small and extremely cute!

There is a great deal of research to show that there are many benefits from using a school therapy dog. They can enhance psychological development, improve social skills and increase self-esteem. Dogs can also teach responsibility, compassion and respect for other living things.

Benefits of a School Therapy Dog

Improved Child Development

We have 10 rescue chickens which we adore. The childrern enjoy taking care of them and collecting the eggs. Our chickens have grown to love us too and are looking so much happier and healthier than when they first joined our school family.

Our school rabbits live in our Key Stage 1 building but are visited and cared for by a variety of children. They are always looking for a home in the holidays so please let us know if you think you can help.