Reception-All About Me!                                                                                                                      September 


Reception had their first Outdoor Learning week after only being in school for five days. It was amazing to see all of the children participate in the activities with great enthusiasm. We began the week by creating our own faces using natural materials, see if you can guess who’s who. The children all learnt to tie a clove hitch knot and used this skill to create their own ‘log dog’, we loved taking them for a walk. Over the week the children joined in with lots of games, focussing on developing their listening skills, it was a bit tricky, especially when the wind was blowing wild. A fabulous first week for Reception, we loved your enthusiasm for getting muddy and can’t wait for our next adventures with you.



Reception- The Three Little Pigs                                                                                                    October

This week we have had a visitor in our forest school site. The children were fascinated to find footsteps and other track marks which showed us the wolf had visited. The children were very familiar with the story and were able to use the characters to re-tell the story. We created some amazing homes for the three little pigs and had lots of fun trying our best to blow the houses down. Using the clay, we also created our very own little pigs using the natural resources that we could find in our environment, they were absolutely amazing. The weather was rather windy this week, which gave us lots of different sounds to listen to it also gave us the opportunity to practice our listening skills in some tricky conditions.



Reception- Autumn                                                                                                                              November

All the colours around us have been changing over the last few weeks and this week we have looked carefully at what has been happening to the trees. We read the story ‘Ferdie and the falling leaves’ and thought about why the leaves are falling and what might happen to them next. We used the leaves to create pictures of some of the animals from the story and also created our own woodland crowns. The children used a junior hacksaw to saw their own wand and attached a special leaf rose to use in our forest school time.


Reception- Little Robin Red Breast                                                                                                         December

This week we read the story of ‘Llittle Robin Red Breast,’ thinking about the spirit of Christmas. We thought about what the word ‘giving’ means and whether this had to be something physical. The children decided that doing something for each other was a good way to show ‘giving’ and used this skill to help each other put up shelters.

Reception- Snow/Ice                                                                                     January

We based our learning this week around the story ‘Snowball’ by Julia Donaldson. The weather was rather chilly this week and we were lucky enough to arrive at our forest school site to be welcomed by ice! The children loved experimenting with the ice balls and discovering how to get into the ice, we tried all sorts of tools of tools to help us but discovered that warm water was the most successful way of melting the ice. In our second session we read the story of Percy the park keeper, ‘One Snowy Night.’ We were very concerned about some of the animals in our outdoor environment becoming too cold so the children set to making homes for the animals.

Reception- Farming                                                                                        February

We have continued our learning about farming in the outside area. The children arrived to our forest school area to see that the chickens had escaped from the chicken coop. They enjoyed racing in teams to collect as many of the chickens as they could. During the week we also found that some of the other farm animals had escaped from the farm, we were very concerned about the animals so created new enclosures to keep them safe. There was great excitement this week as we lit a fire. The children helped us to think about how to stay safe around a fire and we then used the camp fire to melt some chocolate. We ended our session by dipping strawberries into our chocolate, yummy!

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