Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors 2020-21

At St Joseph's we always pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly school and we have previously managed to secure the Bronze award. 

This year we are continuing to work towards achieving the Silver Award. Check out this page to keep up to date with everything that's going on. 

The last academic year we decided to merge the eco-warriors club with a similar club known as the 'Jass Awards' which were both led by myself. It allowed us to focus on specific areas both in school and the wider community. We continued to search around the school grounds to eradicate any unwanted litter, built a huge hedgehog home, created posters and produced some beautiful artwork which was displayed around the school grounds. We continued to promote recycling for a number of different reasons, but most importantly it helps our planet. We can recycle all sorts of materials, but in our school we mainly focus on plastic, paper and cardboard. 


Our team have been working hard and meeting regularly to discuss where our school needs to go next in order to move forward. If you have any suggestions for our team, let the children or Mr Lewis know! smiley