Burt's Top Tips

Sometimes you might feel a bit worried about Cornovirus because you have heard things on the news of have heard people talking about it. It is normal to feel a bit worried but remember most people will get better from it. If you feel worried you must talk to someone about your worries. They will help you feel better about everything. 

Burt is here to help! He will be posting regular updates and ideas that you can use. He will be getting you to think about how you can be kind to yourself and others. 


Sleepy Starfish

Lie down on your back with your legs and arms apart. Stay very still and imagine you are a sleepy starfish resting at the bottom of the ocean. 

Breathe in and as you breathe out relax your arms. Breathe in and as you breathe out relax your legs, breathe in and as you breathe out relax your head. 

See how still you can be at the bottom of the ocean, resting like a sleepy starfish. Repeat to yourself “I am silent, I am silent”. Squeeze and relax. Take a deep breath and as you breathe in, squeeze all the muscles in your body..  Now breathe out and relax all the muscles in your body.

Repeat 2 or 3 times.



Burt's give me 5. Can you name 5 things found in the sea?


Burt recommends star breathing . Why not give it a try before bedtime to help everyone feel calm. 


Burt understands that some children might be worried. He thinks this poster is really useful:


Burt has a butterfly on his nose. Pretend a butterfly has landed on your nose. You can see it sitting there right at the end of your nose. You move your nose and try to get it to fly away but it likes being there. Move your nose from side to side. Eventually the butterfly flies awat into the blue sky and your face feels very relaxed.


Burt's Tip is to have a go at 'Back to Back Breathing'. Breathing techniques are great at regulating us when we experience big feelings. They work best if we learn them first while feeling calm. 


Burt has had fun this morning with his homemade bubbles and bubble wand.
Simple 3 ingredient mixture.

Water, add some sugar and a squirt of dish soap. Stir gently.

As you blow your bubbles imagine that any troubles or worries are trapped inside.
Watch the breeze carry them away, or get busy popping them!



It is really important that we wash our hands regularly.

Burt suggests taking a mindful moment.
Feel the sensation of the water and the bubbles on your hands.
Watch the bubbles run down your fingers as you rinse.

Why not finish up with a hand massage gently massage in some hand lotion, squeeze any tension out through your fingertips.
Notice how you feel.



Burt has had his colours out today.
He is making use of this beautiful mandala mood tracker, from elsa-support .
Here is the link if you want to have a go at home.
How are you feeling today?

Mandala template



Burt says put your favourite song on and have a dance around your garden!

Listening to music and getting moving is a really good way to make you feel great. Give it a try! Bet it makes you smile!


Burt’s tip of the day to start your week is to create a work buddy.

You might make a Pom-Pom, or you might draw your work buddy on some paper and cut it out, you might use a special pebble.
It is really up to you, there is no right or wrong.

Your work buddy will sit with you, while you work. It’s job is to remind you when things get tough and you feel like giving up, to keep going and try your best!

If you listen really carefully you might hear it whisper “you are enough!”


Burt suggests having a go at completing a emotions wheel. Everybody’s emotion wheel will look different, different colours/patterns/images/words for different feelings. That is ok!


BURT has a glass of water and a straw. He blows in the straw and makes bubbles. Have a try. Notice how your lips are pursed and you are blowing steadily. Blow bubbles for the count of 3. Imagine you are blowing bubbles if you get big emotions. blow bubbles for a count of 3 and breathe in for a count of 2. Repeat 5 times to feel calm.


Today Burt is using the May Wellbeing Calendar. He is going to use it everyday through May. Why don't you join him?


Squeeze and relax!

A top tip from BURT

Step 1 Cut an orange into segments 🍊

Step 2 Squeeze it segment by segment as hard as you can to get as much juice out as possible, use your whole body to squeeze.

(Try squeezing you the count of 10 without stopping)

This is what tense feels like!

Step 3 Stop squeezing the segment and feel the muscles in your body begin to relax.

Aaaah this is what relaxed feels like

Step 4 Drink up all your delicious freshly squeezed orange juice. Enjoy!

Next time you feel angry, upset, worried or scared see if you notice those muscles tensing up? Squeeze really hard all over your body and then let your muscles relax to help you feel calmer.

If you don’t have an orange to hand, switch it out for a squishy toy, play doh, blutac, or clay.

(But don’t drink those... Eugh!)


BURT is wondering, who are you spending lockdown with?

Paint/draw/collage/sketch your lockdown family portrait.

Here is a link to a poster to print if you want to do it in a different way.

Have fun!

Family Portrait


BURT is painting out his feelings, he is thinking about what colour and shape his feelings are. They will be different colours and shapes to each of us. He has named all his feelings to help him to understand them. Which coloured feelings have you had today?


BURT is busy making V E day bunting. He is remembering fun times he has had before. Can you think of other happy celebration memories or something that made you laugh? Share it and give a smile to someone today.


BURT’s tip today is notice how you feel and doodle your moodle!


All the news and updates...

If’s, but’s and maybe’s are confusing for all of us!

BURT has made a little collection worry monsters. While his little claws were busy working and creating, it was easier for him to talk through his thoughts and feelings.

Give it a go with your child at home.


BURT has had a mindful 5 minutes in the Cosmic Kids Zen Den.

There are loads to choose from, take a look!


Happy memories, if you are feeling sad imagine some happy memories. Times when you felt really happy. It might be Christmas, birthdays, a family holiday, a good game you played with a friend. Imagine filling bubbles with all these happy memories.

BURT has created this little optical illusion filled with one of his happiest memories.

You could have a go too.



BURT has started his day with some elephant breaths this morning!

Have a go, it’s a great way to start your day and we bet it will make you giggle!

Stand with your feet wide apart and your arms dangling in front of your body like an elephant’s trunk. As you breathe in deeply through your nose, raise your arms up high above your head. Then slowly swing your arms down again as you breathe out through your mouth.


Today BURT has been thinking of his friends. We are all missing our friends at the moment and can’t wait to see them all again. To help have fun with them now, BURT has made a circle of friends. He has used drawings, pictures, flowers and a pebble to represent each one. He says “miss you guys, see you soon.”


BURT is enjoying an ice cream on this lovely day. He remembered a good ice cream relaxation. Imagine you are an ice cream. Which flavour will you be? Starting at the top you begin to melt. First your head and neck. Then your shoulders and arms and right down to your toes. Feel how relaxed you are.


BURT is exploring his thoughts and feelings with all his senses today. He is thinking of his cousin Edgar. BURT thinks Edgar sounds like laughter, feels like cotton wool, smells like chocolate, tastes like popcorn and looks like grass. 🤣Have a go it’s fun 😁



This morning Burt has been imagining in to the future.

He thought about making it a plan by mapping it out on a helping hand.

Future dream job on the palm and what will help achieve it on the fingers.

Have a try at home.


Burt is feeling happy thinking about memories of Wellbeing Week. He is trying hard to be active, help others, take notice, develop relationships and learn something new each day. Can you join Burt in doing these things everyday?


BURT is practicing for the virtual Sports Day. He is doing the penguin waddle. He can only manage 3 in a minute but is hoping that he keeps practicing he will get to 4. Well done Burt, you have to practice to get better at something.


BURT is having a go at number 4 of the virtual sports day activities, the bear walk. He chose his teddy to balance on his back while he crossed the room on all fours. So far he has only managed 1 crossing, because teddy keeps falling off. It’s ok BURT, your best is always good enough. 👍🏻Well done. 🌟



When you feel angry or tense, clap your hands together, really hard and really fast. Feel the fuzzy sensation in your hands, as it settles you can start to feel calmer.



BURT has decorated a jar and placed inside all the things he is missing at the moment. He is then going to take them out when he is able to do them again until his jar is empty. When the jar is empty you could fill it with more things that you want to do in the future.


Emotion wheel


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